Road Trip Stop #6 — Muir Woods, Pacific Highway, and Carmel-by-the-Sea

There's nothing in the world quite like swinging in the matter of hours between such different sites and smells. It puts you in entirely different worlds, each one as surreal as the last. 

The journey to Muir Woods is a narrow, weaving one. Parking is limited so we ended up in a line of cars on the side a dirt road and walking our way there. A hush fell over everyone around upon walking into the grove of Redwoods, the temperature dropped to a dewy chill, and the crisp, clean pine wafts towards you. It's the picture of peace and beauty. 

We headed straight down the coast to try to make it to The 17 mile drive along Pebble Beach by sunset before resting in Monterey for the night. It was a close call having to find our way through back roads and wrong directions from people. We just barely made it in time to see the pink sky over the rolling fog. 

We rose early to eat at the highly recommended Tuck Box. Verging on excessively charming, we walked into a fairytale full of biscuits, jam, and eggs benedict. Delicious and over priced and definitely worth it. 

Down the coastal highway we ooh'ed and aah'ed all day long. It was hard to resist the desire to pull over and take in the stunning new sights around every turn. We didn't always succeed in our resistance and ignored the ETA on our gps as it got later and later. I think you could do this drive over and over and still find the you missed some amazing new sight each time. I can't wait to do it again someday.