Road Trip Stop #2 — Denver, CO and the Rocky Mountains

This time last year I was wandering across the country with My parents and brother Grant. It has me looking back at photos and reminiscing for where I was and what I was doing just a short year ago. So, out if nostalgia I'mgoing to do a little blog series of some of the pictures I've come back to stare at over and over for the past year. It really was the trip of a lifetime. A week doesn't go by where I don't think about or reference it (sorry to everyone who has put up with me :)).


Reunited with Abbie and Stephen! You can think you're adjusted to living apart from your sister when she lives 3 hours away in Virginia, but it's a whole new thing when VA turns into Colorado and 3 hours is quickly 25. We missed peak aspen season by just about a week, but driving through the mountains among the silvery trunks of leafless aspens it was hard to fathom that the views could get much more amazing than this. It might be my dad and grandpa's (of maybe Tolkien's) fondness for the mysticism of a white birch tree rubbing off, but those leafless aspens completely had me. Then a little path of sturdy hearted trees would pop up and we could only dream of the fiery glow that had covered these hills so recently.

 The contrast of the vast and stunning wonder of the Rocky mountains one minute and the crisp, clean charm of downtown Denver the next keeps you on your toes around every bend.   :)I don't