Road Trip Stop #1 — Grandma and Grandpa

This time last year I was wandering across the country with My parents and brother Grant. It has me looking back at photos and reminiscing for where I was and what I was doing just a short year ago. So, out if nostalgia I'mgoing to do a little blog series of some of the pictures I've come back to stare at over and over for the past year. It really was the trip of a lifetime. A week doesn't go by where I don't think about or reference it (sorry to everyone who has put up with me :)). 


First Road-trip stop: 5802 Houston Ave. Grandma and Grandpa's home for 58 years. Home of mom's childhood days, spent playing the old Victrola on the porch and roaming the streets with the neighborhood kids. If you heard the stories of mischief her and her brother got into, you’d be sure they were out of a movie. The walls ooze of memories and stories to tell. It’s such fun and joy to be back with them and getting too sink back into those sweet stories and nostalgia. 

gmaandgpa (3 of 20).jpg