Road Trip Stop #8 — Disneyland

Anyone who knows me and my family knows that Magic Kingdom is a favorite place. It's a generational thing, both my grandparents on both sides were whole-hearted lovers of Walt's Land and they passed it on to their children and their children's children. It's holds nostalgia and (real) magic for me. It will *always* give that little fluter of excitement and I'll take any chance to wander Main Street. Naturally we couldn't be in such a close vicinity to Disneyland and not spend a day there as a first time for all of us! It's felt like a miniaturized version of somewhere I felt so familiar with and also turning corners to find something completely different! 

Road Trip Stop #7 — Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara is like a magical little interlude in the whole trip. Each day the delicious food, lounging, and biking up and down it's streets flowed right into each other. Farmers markets, and wind in your hair, and pure relaxation in paradise. We were gifted the stay in The Hotel Milo by dear friends. It was a luxurious reprieve from the online deals we were getting for the rest of our trip. We Priceline-d a lot and ended up with a range from solid, better than average, clean, hotel rooms to simple, verging on not nice at all (San Fransisco for example! :)) rooms. We were fine with either! Our focus was on activities and the places we were seeing but! this was such a perfect spot to have something that felt a bit more *fancy*. The most charming stucco walls, covered in cascading florals, striped linens, and bright colors, and a sweet little breakfast nook. Plus, we got to walk out our door the sight of the ocean just across the street! It played a large part in our stay and I'm already dreaming of another stay here one day. 

Two must goes if you're in town are:

Recipes Bakery — Right across the street from a bustling famers market it's a prefect opportunity to snag some fresh berries and bike on over to eat some of those fresh, melt in your mouth cinnamon rolls they've become famous for! 

La Super Rica — Known to be Julia Childs favorite spot for good Mexican food (and in my personal opinion, she's a woman to trust in such situations). It did not disappoint, it was highly delicious and reasonably priced. It was a favorite meal of our stay. 

I know we couldn't possibly have taken it all in or eaten at every good restaurant but for the moment I'm pretty pleased with my little Santa Barbara impression.