Caroline Shorey

 I’m a wedding and lifestyle photographer living in the greater Philadelphia area (Though I love and am so willing to travel!) and a part of the Elizabeth Baxter Photography team. I’m a lover of feasting, family, stories of adventure, hammocks, and the Magic Months that are November through December.

I got the joy of having my introduction to photography be through one of my closest friends and sister Elizabeth. Through her I was able to begin learning basics of photo taking and editing, building my skills by watching over her shoulder as she edited and asking so many questions. It’s a pleasure to work with her as an editor, second shooter, as well as head photographer over at Elizabeth Baxter Photography! Being a team with her means even more moments spent laughing and enjoying each others presence and using that sister telepathy to know just what the other need at any given moment. 

I'm so thrilled to get the opportunity the capture the joy and stories of other peoples most important moments and wedding days! Having spent my life pouring over the pictures of my parents and grandparents lives and listening the endless stories behind each one, reading books full of adventure and joy. It's one of my favorite things to get the chance to search out and capture the magic, story, and important memories of peoples lives.

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